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“PhoneBatteryLife.com” is an independent platform that provides useful and unbiased information, created with the mission of helping you find the right smartphone for you, and its main goal is to estimate the battery life of each individual phone.

Our journey began in 2014, launching regional websites that featured the initial iterations of our algorithm designed to estimate mobile phone battery life. A decade later, in 2024, we have expanded our horizons by establishing the global platform, phonebatterylife.com.

What we are

PhoneBatteryLife serves as a comprehensive online resource, not a retail outlet; we do not engage in the sale of devices or telecommunication services. Functionally, our platform operates as a digital comparator, offering insights and comparisons of mobile phone products and services, with a focus on battery life autonomy.

Via our website, PhoneBatteryLife.com delivers informative content about the mobile phones available in the market, succinctly outlining their features. Our goal is to guide users towards the optimal product or service based on essential characteristics. Explore and compare phones on Phone Battery Life. We offer clear information on battery performance and specifications to help you choose the phone that lasts!

Phone Battery Life

Many factors influence battery life, some built-in (technical) and others based on usage.

  • Signal strength, data usage (amount and type), content playback (videos, games), and more all significantly impact how long your phone lasts on a charge. These personal factors make an exact calculation tricky, but not impossible.
  • Your phone is pure science and engineering, is not a magic box! However, some phones have different hardware versions not always listed in specs, making battery life a bit variable.
  • Human behavior also plays a role, though it doesn’t affect the phone’s inherent battery life, just the calculated times. This means the differences between phones in our ranking will still be accurate.

While we can’t predict battery life for every single way you use your phone, our estimates provide a valuable reference point when comparing different models. Don’t be surprised if a phone with a larger battery doesn’t always win, as hardware configuration and usage patterns can play a significant role.

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Your voice matters to us, which is why we’ve implemented a user-friendly voting system that allows you to share your perspective swiftly and effortlessly. Rest assured, this system is designed to be anonymous, upholding your privacy and not storing any record of your selection.

When you cast your vote, the specifics of your choice remain unknown to us, including the particular user profiles involved. Therefore, we encourage you to provide any additional insights or explanations in the comments section to enhance our understanding.



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